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-Site remodeled
-New content added throughout
-SHOP is now live. Purchase prints or pre order my upcoming book
Blog #4

-Site has been remodeled
-New content added throughout the site
-'Prints' tab now available
-Prints for all photos featured on the site are now available at request

Blog #3 
-New content added. 

Hi all, just some updates.
My art show scheduled for early June has been postponed until late June due to issues with venues. I apologize. 
The free workshops for photography will begin on Sunday June 11th at 2:30pm.

Thanks for sticking around, 
Corey Donovan Forde 


Blog #2


~New content posted in 

~"New" tab added for photos posted on the site in the last 15 days.

~Contact form fixed. If you sent me an inquiry through my contact page previously, I never got it. My contact form was broken, and the problem has been solved. 

Hope everyone had a solid weekend.
I've decided to host a photography workshop, free of charge, on Sunday’s in June. This will last about 3 weeks. My goal in this is to teach the basics of photography to those who want to learn, but may be intimidated by a new camera, or the technical aspects of the craft. This event will be held at 1:30pm-3pm on Sunday’s in the Cleveland Metropark’s, Lakewood Park, and Edgewater park. If you are interested, please email me using the contact form with a name, the camera you have, and how many people you will be bringing, so I can plan ahead and get an idea for how many folks will be coming. 

This event is COMPLETELY FREE for everyone. It does not matter what camera you have, or if you even own a camera. If you own a smartphone with a camera: don’t hesitate to come along. My intent is to give back to the local community and teach people who may have an interest, with a hands on approach. I just want to give people the head start they may need to learn an art. 

-I will be focusing on things such as:
-Shutter Speed
-The Rule of Thirds
-Color Theory
-Black and White

-I’ll be coming up with small exercises and projects that you can choose to do on your free time, which we can discuss for the next session. 

I am not a certified teacher, and I’m not an expert on all aspects, but I hope to do my best to help those who are looking. I’ll be using the things I learned in college photo classes, my own experience, and through research. Photography classes can be pricey, and YouTube may not be the best method of learning for some people. So, again, if you are interested in coming, please RSVP via my Facebook event, or through the Contact tab on my site.

Hope to see you there,

-Corey Donovan Forde. 

Blog #1
So the website is finally here, after years of indifference and procrastination. Nonetheless, I finally did it. Before I get into anything, I'd like to thank every single person in the photos displayed here. You all are awesome. Much love.

IMPORTANT: This site will be updated twice a week with new content. I intend this site to be my main form of communication and sharing to the people interested in viewing my work. The best way to contact me for shoots, prints, questions, and inquiries will be here. So check back often! 

BLOG: My blog will be used as a way to communicate and update, as well as notify of upcoming projects, photo print availability, photography discussions, and just kind of speaking my mind. 

PRINTS: All photos on this site are available for print and can be printed at request. Prices will vary, but will be announced in a future blog update. 

SOCIAL MEDIA: I have abandoned all of my social media accounts with the exception of SoundCloud (new music coming). The accounts are still up, but will rarely be updated, and for business purposes only. My accounts are posted in the About Me tab. Contacting me through social media will fall on deaf ears 9 times out of 10, as I no longer have any apps for the accounts I use. So use email, or my website to get a hold of me. 

INQUIRIES: Any requests for shoots should be done so through the Contact Me tab, and should contain information including dates, times, length of time, and type of shoot. This makes my job much easier, and saves you the back and forth communication. I do require a 20% deposit for any shoot, so that I can lock in a day for specifically for you. Prices and packages will be added to a future blog post. Prices for prints will be added as well based on Size, and paper type, framing, shipping, etc..

Thank you again for joining me on this crazy journey into photography. I hope you enjoy. 

With love to you all, 
Corey Donovan Forde. 

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